Introducing NEW & HOT Antioxidant Serum(s) in Korea Now

Two popular Korean cosmetic brands NEOGEN (Bio-Dermaceutical Company that uses innovative technologies) and AHC (using aesthetics-based skincare knowhow) have released a powerful anti-aging essence. Both are antioxidants rich, and interestingly the stars of TV homeshopping show launched and created each product for the most healthy, youthful-looking skin.


They know how to have their skin look the best on large LED TV screens, so they have put their ideas & efforts into developing products that are worth buying. Their names promoting these products also helped to increase sales as well.
Here are some ideas/information to help pick the right product for you.

< Definitions >

1. What is Antioxidants and why are they important?
Antioxidants (such as vitamin C and E) are compounds that protect our cells against the effects of free radicals which can damage skin cells and cause premature aging, also helping calm inflammation and promotes more even skin tone with anti-wrinkle benefits.

2. Have you heard Anti-glycation?
Sugar bonds with proteins in our body in a process called Glycation. These sugar-bonded proteins produce free radicals which destroy collagen and elastin to become visible signs of aging – wrinkles, dullness and weakened barrier function. To block the formation of AGEs(Advanced Glycation End Products) is another way of minimizing premature skin aging.

< Product Details >

‘NEOGEN Antiager Facial Base Coat’ has 2 main features – Antioxidants & Anti-glycation, and is a first-step essence and helps strengthen the skin’s natural restorative power and reinforces skin structure. As it is named, firm & healthy skin(base) is the aim – improve skin condition and a barrier function.

‘AHC Red Serum’ which is enriched with Egyptian Red Hibiscus Flower Extract and it’s more like high-Antioxidant & Anti-aging serums, with deep moisturization.

Clinical results shown that both serum(essence) improved resilience, (deep) wrinkles, inner density and moisture levels. Also an improvement for inner/outer freckle, skin tone(clarity & luminosity) and primary irritation (hypoallergenic).

<Comparison >


Have made a chart, comparing main features. NEOGEN Antiager is weightless compare to Red Serum, and it can be multiple-layered (3 or 7-skin method) if necessary as it absorbs quickly.



<Q & A>

For someone may who experiences these below or may have a question:
Q1. When I apply the product it creates bubbles.
When the formula exposes to the air/water this may occur, but it’s natural so no need to worry.

Q2. If I use a facial sheet mask which step is correct?
Before essence/serum or after serum – either way is good, however if using a mask after serum, make sure serum is fully absorbed.

Q3. NEOGEN Antiager is a essence or serum? which step is the correct?
Anti-ager is an all-in-one essence, it can be used after cleansing as a toner as well as a light essence. If your skin feel lacks hydration you can use with your favorite serum (thicker texture) after this and follow with cream.

Q4. Red Serum color is red, it contains synthetic colorant?
It doesn’t contain synthetic colorant or fragrance, it’s derived from all natural ingredients. (It has a very light scent though which may not be recognizable)

Q5. Feel some irritation..
Both serums formulated without harmful ingredients and skin irritation-test completed, however every skin is different so you may experience it.

Well.. It’s brief information and I have tried for a week, , however I like both.^^;;(you may wish to try for a longer period)

Neogen Antiager comes as 2 bottles in a pack and I apply even on my body – it seals moisture, has a weightless velvety texture, and Red Serum is a bit thicker texture (a typical serum formula) and it absorbs well without leaving any oily residue.

Using a ‘AHC Red Cream’ (available later this year) or ‘Red Modeling Mask’, will be a great home treatment for anti-aging – gives a healthy glow-looking skin.
(Also ‘NEOGEN Agecure Wrinkle Cream’ is best used with ‘NEOGEN Antiager’ as manufacturer has created these line(Agecure) to work together.)


Hope you enjoy this article and see you soon with more blogs.

*some article(definition) from Google search..

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