2018 Get It Beauty Winners – Cushion Foundation

You may have noticed that every makeup brand makes cushion foundation nowadays and they make their own speciality on the product such as unique design, special formula, engraving signature logo etc. I was wondering how do you select a cushion or what purpose to consider for this ‘ultra-handy makeup tool’?

This perfect on-the-go touch up, time-saving Cushion Compact has become ultra-popular with more products available on the market, however generally more expensive than normal foundation – so here are some tips from ‘Get It Beauty Show’.

<Before that.. some general info here>

*What is a Cushion Foundation?

The liquid (formula)foundation kept in a sponge housed in a compact with an accompanying sponge applicator. It’s super convenient, easy-to-use and multi-purpose makeup product – UV protector, base makeup with skincare benefits – gives buildable coverage and dewy/matte, luminous finish (mostly dewy but matte finishing is also trending).

*What Type of Cushions are there?


1. Sponge Type – Standard design
Composed with about 800,000 hole in a urethane sponge to hold liquid formula, it actually contains enough amount however I feel it’s never enough though, flipping a sponge is the only tip? cute_1_03
2. Mochi Cushion: It looks like Mochi(rice cake) shape so named – this type of cushion helps prevent moisture loss.
3. Metal Plate: Pumping style, improved hygiene issue. Also good for using a foundation brush on the plate to create even, seamless application.
4. Mesh Filter Type – it wasn’t mentioned on the program, however it’s another new trend. Helps ensure right amount to pick up and good coverage.

*Good-to-go product?

‘Get It Beauty’ eliminated 8 harmful ingredients (excluding artificial colorant as it’s a color makeup product) and these are the ones which have safe ingredients for the skin – Mostly failed by containing artificial fragrance rather than preservatives.

*Please note that this filtering relies on ‘Get It Beauty – ‘Reduce Body Burden’ pledge, and other brands products also contain only authorised or limited doses, approved by the FDA.

*Best Cushion Foundation(s) By Function

As a second test, ‘Get it Beauty’ examined the best cushion compact by its function such as Hydrating, Long-lasting and Sebum-controlling effect.
Still consumers desire dewy, glow-looking skin and most brands’ cushion describe more on the finished result or coverage rather than categorising by skin types so this information would helpful – wish more products listed.

1. Best Hydrating Cushion (Good for Dry skin type)

(1) CNP Propolis Ampoule in Cushion – also good for anti-darkening & long-lasting
(2) Sidmool E.F.I Revive Ampoule Cushion

2. Best Long-lasting Cushion

(1) Swanicoco AC Burger Cushion – also good for sensitive, acne-prone skin. Only No.21 shade available.
(2) MAC Lightful C+ Coral Glass

3. Best Sebum Controlling Cushion (Good for combination to oily skin type)

(1) SU:M37 Secret Essence Cushion – moisturizing formula with semi-matte finish
(2) Clinique City Block BB Cushion Compact

*Additional Info.

1. How to Use the Right Cushion Puff?
The brands make best applicator(puff) for their product to go perfectly, however not many brands sell a cushion puff separately. You can use other brands puff or brush/sponge, however won’t get best results. Here is some tips for choosing the applicator.

(1) Blue(rubycell) puff
: Hydrophilic (absorbs water and delivers the correct amount to the skin), great for dry skin and radiant, moist/dewy look
(2) NBR puff
: Like Hanskin BB, HERA Black or IOPE Perfect Cover cushion puff – it designed for controlling excess oil. Great for oily skin type and excellent adhesion.
(3) Silicon puff
: Hygenic, gives a fuller coverage with a small amount. Hard to reach areas like around the nose and eyes.

2. How often and how to clean the puff?
With continuous use it needs regular cleaning – Recommend once a week and after 2~3 washes then replace, as the function gets lost (new puff will be the best option then)

<How to Clean Puff(s)>
Use cleansing oil then gentle cleanser, and rinse off with light pressure. Do not twist because it destroys air cells (porous) inside of puff.

*Cushion Choosing Tip(recommendation)
1. Match with your Skin Tone:
Figure out your undertone – cool(pinkish), neutral(beige) or warm(yellow) tone. Most Korean cushion has yellow-base for neutral or warm tone so find out what brands have this pink-base (ex. IOPE Air Cushion – Cool tone)
2. Decide your Finish Preference:
It can be related with your skin type – Dewy, Natural(semi-matte) & Matte.
For example, if your skin is dry and apply a matte finish formula it might emphasize dry patches of flaky skin, likely oily skin use dewy, hydrating finish it looks greasy and makes your pores enlarged.

I do love cushion foundations as not only super convenient, but also this airy, weightless formula gives a natural-glowing, subtle luminosity even with (semi)matte formula. Although it has smaller color range and requires touch-up couple of times a day, it still is itself magical product^^;;

Every skin is different and our needs are varied so hope this is helpful to find your perfect cushion. See you soon with HERA New Cushion Review.

cf. Simplicity in skincare & makeup grow quickly so I have added this video for simple/minimal step for sebum-controlling. Used in this video ‘Jung Saem Mool’ products only, however I wanted you guys get some ideas for your makeup routine. She(Jung Saem Mool) also supports less/minimal step for daily skincare/makeup routine). Enjoy watching~

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