2018 Get It Beauty Winners – Finish Powder

This post is a bit late, and not just from being busy moving – this winning product hasn’t been available for a month.

Well it’s here now so let’s talk about it – hope this is useful information for you^^;;

*What is a finishing powder?

It’s a mattifier – controls sebum & oil and certain types of powder can reduce the look of fine lines & pores. Adding a powder in your makeup routine sets your makeup for lasting wear and gives a more flawless & perfect look.

I am using mostly a cushion foundation and only apply a powder on certain parts such as the contour line, around nose and before eyeshadows. However one of the new makeup trends is ‘Velvet(-textured) Skin’ which means inside of the skin is moist and outer skin(surface) is semi-matte, so people (in Korea) wear more powder products on these days.

*What types are there?

1. Loose Powder
: it has smaller, fine particles and gives lightweight coverage.
2. Pressed Powder: a semi-solid type of powder, containing silicones & waxes to stick the ingredients, it is longer lasting and great for small areas.
3. Oil Cut Powder (No Sebum): as it says blot the excess oil & shine, and works as a dry shampoo too.
4. Coloured Powder – it masks imperfections, large pores, redness and discolorations.
5. Pearl Powder – gives a more luminous, glow-looking

*Any certain ingredients need to know?

Main ingredients in powder products are Silica, Mica & TALC. They’re fine powder types of minerals and helps absorb moisture & create a natural shimmery finish, as well as safe to use on almost all skin types.

<Here are the Good-To-Go products>

..filtered by ‘Body Burden’ Pledge.

..letting you know that these products have filtered ‘8 harmful ingredients’ containing synthetic colorant as it’s color makeup product.

*TOP 6 Winners

‘Get It Beauty’ examined and selected 6 products which have a good sebum controlling/absorbing effect (as above) and it’s on winning orders.

1. LUNA Pro Photo Finish (7g)
2. 3CE Slim Fit Powder Pact (8g)
3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (10g)
4. Miracle Romance Clear Compact Powder (9.7g)
5. Son&Park Flawless Pore Pact (11g)
6. Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder (10g)

‘LUNA Pro Photo Finish’ has a powerful UV protection unlike other powder products and great for blurring uneven skintone – and gives you seamless natural, more radiant look.

*Any of Use Tips?

1. Do not exceed the amount as it can give you white-powder flashback. One of the ingredients (silica, which is mostly used on HD/setting powders) reflects the flash of the camera, so if you’re planning on big photo shot please be aware of this consequence.
<Here is a tip how to use loose powder>
First, upside down the product and open it. Use the product on the lid, gently swell with a brush and take off the excess on the facial tissue. That’s the perfect amount for use.
2. Use as a primer for Eye Makeup.
Apply a small amount before eyebrow, eyeshadows and after one application of mascara – it extends your eye makeup and makes your eyelashes look longer.
3. For Dry Skin type
‘The base’ is already dry and lacks oil, so not recommended using a powder, however if needed (ex.T-zone gets oily as the day progresses)try a loose powder or miner-oil containing powder produtcs, using a primer as an alternative would be good too.

Thanks for reading, and this video shows simple-steps for quick daily makeup, showing cushion & powder tricks which I use without killing the cushion’s glowing benefit. See you at the next blog, ‘Cushion Winner’.
(please turn on English Subtitle on settings^^;;)

*Article source from Get It Beauty Show..


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