2018 Get It Beauty Winners – Cleansing Water/Oils

When I was watching this ‘Get It Beauty’ show, it reminded me of a famous Korean commercial slogan – ‘Removing makeup is more important than doing makeup’. Most women would probably agree that cleansing is the most important part of our beauty routine, so I’m happy to share this post.

*What are main differences between Cleansing Water and Oil?

Some may use only cleansing water, others only cleansing oil or both in their 1st step of cleansing – either way, follow with foaming cleanser as a 2nd step.

1. Cleansing Water
They’re water-based solutions and one innovative formula is Micellar Water, which uses microscopic particles (micelles) to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. It’s gentle and leaves no oily residue on the skin and mainly removes surface oil & dirt, so please use a 2nd-step cleanser. On its own it cannot remove sunscreen, dirt, oil and pollutants from within the pores.

2. Cleansing Oil
Oil-based cleanser that uses oil pigments to dissolve makeup & dirt. It’s a quick & easy removal of all types of makeup, sebum and sunscreens. Famous Japanese makeup artist ‘Shu Uemura’ found this innovative cleansing oil formula 50yrs ago and still it’s one of the most popular products (Unfortunately it was eliminated from ‘Beau-La-Bel’ ranked list).

* Which is suitable for my skin?

There is no right or wrong and it can be a personal preference – if you like a refreshed feeling after use go for with water, otherwise use an oil product.

1. For oily & Acne skin types
Recommended to use Cleansing Water: water-based formula that does not leave an oily residue on the skin.
If you prefer Cleansing Oils then try lightweight cleansing oil products as rich oil formulas can block the pores resulting in breakouts – use for short time massaging and then rinse-off.

2. For Sensitive skin
The skin’s protective barrier is weak so Do Not rub too much with soaked cotton pads or hands. Also recommended to use alcohol-free cleansing water products.

*Adding More:
To remove fine dust it is recommended to use oil products, and if skin is really dry, oil-based products should also be used – often contains nourishing ingredients as well.


*Good-to-go Cleaning Water & Oil products list


*TOP 3 products in each category
Have tested the cleansing effect and these are the Top 3 products:
<Cleansing Waters>

1. TonyMoly Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water
2. Dr Jart Dermaclear Micro Water
3. Face in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water

<Cleansing Oils>

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
2. Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil
3. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil
— DHC and Manyo Cleansing Oil have only a 0.44% difference with ManYo being cheaper – both are winners

*Pre-cleanser: Lip & Eye Removers

(Was going to post as a separate topic however the content is small so I have added in this section.)
If you are not wearing a heavy makeup this step is not necessary, as too much stimulation can damage the skins elastin, however not properly removing eye makeup can result in dark circles leading to eye irritation and permanent pigmentation under the eye. Also leaving makeup containing chemicals on the lip can result in dry chapped lips.

*These are the Good-to-Go products

Most of these have good cleansing effects so I decided to leave all, marking TOP 3 products. Innisfree & Tom Ford Lip/Eye Remover had 1.68% difference in the cleansing effect and 8 times cheaper.

Removing all traces of makeup and pollutants before bed using double cleansing method helps the skin regenerate effectively, and protects from free radicals during the night. Here is some additional advice:

1. Always Gently Cleanse – saturate product using cotton pads, gently press down & wipe it once, and between lashes a Q-tip might be useful (less rubbing is necessary for delicate skin)

2. Avoid Alcohol & Artificial/Natural Fragrance products.
3. Use Same Brand Products if possible as they know the formula (eg. same company mascara & lip/eye remover)
4. Recommended to Rinse-Off even it says No-Wash (cleansing water)
5. Can mixed cleansing oil with pure nut(s) powder for facial scrub such as almond, walnut mix nuts and coffee powder for body scrub

Thanks for reading~

*Article source from Get It Beauty..

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