Introducing ‘O HUI Turn Over 28’ – Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Have you ever thought about IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) Treatments? It’s easy and a faster way to rejuvenate your skin and visibly reduce skin imperfections. The laser stimulates new collagen production, firms and reduces pore size, resulting in a more perfect looking skin, however, it may damage our natural skin cell, especially collagen cells and the result won’t last. Further more, this method is very painful even though a short time and only suitable for people with fair skin.

As we get older and constantly exposed to the sun, skin damage accelerates the ageing process. Then the skin looks dull, older and more tired – and makeup can sit on the skin rather than being absorbed, resulting in a heavy/cakey appearance.

If you are a skincare maniac (Koreans call this ‘Deok-Hu‘ ) you may have heard of this product ‘O HUI Turn Over‘, which is popular with Beauty Consultants. Let me introduce this safe way of getting ‘Photo Rejuvenation’ Look.

<O HUI Renew Science Turn Over 28>

1. What it is?
4 weeks skin-refining program, consist of 3-step solution (Cleansing – Brightening – Moisturizing). This is designed to stimulate and accelerate skin’s natural renewal process, its active ingredients of enzyme & yeast work to uncover new, fresh skin.

2. Main Features?
• The duration of the cell turnover is 28 days, during which new skin cells are produced, this treatment make a room for new cells by sloughing off old dead skin cells
• Main ingredients are Enzyme & Yeast, and formulated without artificial fragrance & colorants
• Comes in a set of 4 packs(bottles), each to be used for one week, which are tightly sealed to maintain purity.

*With OHUI’s patent formula & Japan’s advanced technology cooperation, this product is made in Japan so you can see the Japanese on the bottle.

3. Result
• Skin turn over rate becomes normal(28days) and slows down the ageing process
• Improves the appearance of the fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and irregular pigmentation
(You will see a ‘glow’ in your face within 3 weeks. I didn’t log by week, however this picture shows results after 3 weeks^^ )

4. What else need to know more?
This is a skin-refining/renewal treatment so you may experience some stinging or irritating, especially the first week. (Result may differ depends on skin type)
Don’t worry it’s part of natural healing process, your skin has turned over like skin scaling. Here is some advice:

• Do Not Use with other peeling or scrubbing product which helps remove dead skin cells – This cleanser does the job, only you need rinse off completely and use with bubble maker for a better result.ohui_foam_01

• For most sensitive skin, may need to use half of Vt.C powder with Brightening(B) Lotion and use more Moisturizing(M) bottle

• Provide enough hydration – During 1~2 weeks, use with your daily hydrating cream after this treatment and from 3 weeks you can use any functional product like a whitening or repair cream (you may not need additional product, however this is more a Beauty Consultants advice)

• Wear always good sunscreen when you go out

5. Adding my thought..
While you’re using, you don’t need any cleanser or skincare products for 4 weeks. Considering price, it cost 280,000 (korean won) however you can use only once or twice a year, so it is not an huge expense and it’s kind of a natural treatment so isn’t harmful.

Like me with has strong/stubborn pigmentation, it doesn’t remove completely. It really visibly improved my skin texture and moisture level – actually it helped skincare products absorption – you will agree it is not a matter what kind of product you’re using.. low cost or most expensive one.

Lastly, makeup looks unreal – naturally glowing, I’m a Cushion ‘Doek-hu’ however this product helped and gave my skin a natural radiance ( only you can judge though).

We have a 1week trial program (limited stock) and offer LG cosmetics brand samples(Ex. SU:M37 Radiance Whitening Serum & Cream sachet 50ea) to assist this treatment. Remember this is a 4week program and the best result comes in 4 weeks.

Thanks for reading~

(..published on 2018. Feb)

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