2018 Makeup Trends.. with Korean Cosmetic Options

Once the New Year comes, I get busy cleaning up my wardrobe and makeup console for a new start – It’s easy to begin with and hoping that new things make a ‘New Me’ – more pretty and younger-looking^0^.
Unlike skincare products which require long-term commitment, makeup can make your look better, more glowing and youthful instantly, with a simple tools & tricks.

I’d like to summerize the 2018 Makeup Trends and Guides which Korean products can help to follow this years trends.

< 2018 Beauty Trend Forecast >

Continuing on from last year, glitter will be one of the hot picks – gold highlighter, glittery glosses, black eyeliner etc. These are the lists:
1. Black Eyeliner & Cat-Eye Flick
It’s taking a dramatic turn in 2018 from Bold Black Eyeliner to Cat-Eye Look – round the edge of eye line or give a sharp flick.

2. The New Glitter – Various size and types of Glitter such as rhinestones, gems and sequins.
3. Everything is Gold!

4. Metallic Makeup – Add subtle glow or go bold.
5. Thick Lashes – Retro clumpy, twiggy-effect lashes.
6. Glowing Look is the key.
A healthy glowing finish on skin instead of a matte caked or powdery finish. Adding more ultra-highighted skin or pearl-sensationy look is also spot on.

7. Natural Eyebrow

8. Bold/Bright Lipstick (80s-inspired bright lipstick) & Smudged Lip
9. Inner Corners – Dabbing a bright color on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and make eyes bigger.

10. Blue Eye Makeup – Simply draw a lower lashline or apply a matte blue eyeshadow across the entire eyelid.

< We can wear as a daily look >

Although you will be seen these new trends on fashion show or everyone’s instagram, I have narrow down the options for everyday looks with product suggestions.

1. Add sparkle to your eyes/lips with affordable glitter
• Eglips Glitter Shadow/ Liner
• Aritaum Shine Fix

2. Natural Eyebrow
• Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil
• HERA Auto Brow Pencil
• Lily By Red Eyebrow Cara

3. Smudge Lip or Metallic Lip
• Chosungah22 Juicy Punk
• Eglips Matte Lip
• Pony Metallic Matte Lip

4. Glowing Skin
• Etudehouse Glow On Base
• Too Cool For School Lumineuse Varnish
• VDL Lumilayer Primer Aqua
• Son&Park Beauty Filter Cream Glow
• Hanskin Real Complexion Cream LX

5. Your skin tells everything
To become a natural healthy skin, masks are another great option.

< Rising trends >

1. Wide Blush
Contouring is going down and blushed look is getting wild.

2. Glossy Lips

It hasn’t listed on everywhere however still stable & strong in 2018.

3. Pink/Purple Color

Ultra Violet & Pink Lavender are one of The Pantone Color of the Year so we’re expecting that reflects in makeup.

Hope this article give you some idea and enjoyed. Thanks for reading~

Some articles quoted from Harper’s Bazaar, Instyle and Cut&Curl blog post. Image souce: Vogue Korea, Harper’s Bazaar, cosmopolitan & stylefish.co.kr

(..published on 2018. Jan.)


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