2018 ‘Get It Beauty’ Winners – Cleanser

Korean Beauty Show ‘Get It Beauty‘, has changed the program content in 2018 and selects Category Winners and gives Beauty tips & Secrets from long-time product users.

What I liked about this show was that it was the most unlikely TV show to get sponsorship, and now in 2018 a new ‘Get It Beauty’ is going to run however it’s now no longer sponsored. It’s new slogan is ‘Beauty-Life, Balance’ which mainly eliminates ‘Body Burden’ by filtering, examining and then sharing healthy lifestyle & sensible knowledge.

(Image – ‘Get It Beauty’ Show host & panel)

*What is Body Burden?
It is a term that refers to the total accumulation of toxins in your body. This can include anything from environments, food&drink, toys, cosmetics etc – peoples exposure to everyday chemicals and the health risks and associated ‘body burden.’.

I have started posting this ‘Beau-La-Bel‘ [bju:-la-bel] products – in short name of ‘Beauty-Life, Balance’ have winners by category – for awareness of the harmful ingredients (such as below), and want to introduce Good Products (Koreans loved & recognized ) which may interest you in the future.

Well, Let’s start!

< 10 harmful(toxic with certain amount/condition) ingredients in cosmetics >

• Parabens
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• Sodium Laureth Sulfate
• Triclosan
• Avobenzone
• Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3)
• Isopropyl Alcohol
• Triethanolamine
• Synthetic Fragrance
• Synthetic Colouring

These are ingredients to avoid and will talk about by category.

< Should Avoid Ingredients in Facial Cleanser >

*Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLES)
: It’s an anionic detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). SLES is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent for their cleaning and emulsifying properties.

However, SLES causes eye or skin irritation and Xerosis Cutis (abnormally dry skin). Also it penetrates deep into skin and can damage cell tissue and skin. Furthermore when it combine other toxic ingredients it becomes carcinogen (cause cancer).

*Artificial Colouring (ex. CI 19140, CI 15985)
: it can cause Allergies, Asthma & Immunotoxicity. Not necessary for cleansing, basic skincare products

< Good 21 Products List >

Here are the products list, filtered all the harmful ingredients mentioned and tested product efficiency(cleansing effect).

(I have marked in-store products and you may recognize some your daily routine products in the picture.)

< Considering Skintypes >

Facial cleansers can be selected by skin types and here is some information:
Oily Skin: Acidic condition as release fatty acid & lactic acid, so recommended to use slightly alkalic foaming cleanser
Dry Skin: normally Alkalic condition, likely oily skin, dry skin needs a low acidic cleanser to balance skin’s pH level
(*Healthy(balanced) Skin: pH level 5.5)

<Here’re the Winner(s)>

These are the winners which Do Not contain harmful ingredients, and cleanse perfectly without over-drying and causing skin irritation – cost to performance rating is also good.

1. Sidmool Kakadu Cleanser – For Dry skin type, also good for normal skin type
2. LAGOM CellUp Micro Foam Cleanser – For Oily Skin type, also good for combination skin type

We have now both winning cleansers and if your cleanser’s running out it’s perfect time to try.

See you at the next blog with Toner & Moisturizer winners.

Thanks for reading^^

*This article source from Get It Beauty Show.

(..published on 2018 Mar.)

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