Meet the affordable Dermacosmetics – “The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur”

One trend in cosmetics industry (in Korea now) is Dermocosmetics (Most Koreans say “Derma-cosmetics” = Derma(tology) + Cosmetics).

…..introducing these affordable new products from The Face Shop ‘Dr. Belmeur’ line

You may heard about these two big brands “Dr. Jart” and “CNP” – they are well known for Dermocosmetics in Korea and customers are proven in how their products react for their skin – correcting skin problems and protecting from external stresses & natural skin aging.

As consumers getting into these trends – GOOD ingredients yet very effective for skin – lots of brands are working on GOOD cosmetics (this is my expression though^^;;, it means formulated with no harmful ingredients or try to avoid some ingredients that may cause skin allergies or problems). ETUDE HOUSE, The Face Shop, RE:P(from Neogen) etc,. these are our store pick’s and have now, so I would like to give some information about Dr. Belmeur products here.

Dr. Belmeur‘ (from The Face Shop) has two line ups:
1. Clarifying – which is good for sensitive skin with excess oils and acne-prone skin
2. Daily Repair – which is good for sensitive with dry or itchy skin

We have selected “Clarifying” line to have in store. If you are looking for a soothing and hydrating effect for sensitive or acne-prone skin, we’d like to recommend ETUDE HOUSE SoonJung or Sidmool Dr. Troub Mineral Soothing Toner products (as we believe the remarkable customer reviews, if find more clinical results we may have (Daily Repair) stock too in the future^^;;)

<Clarifying Toner>
It has a light fresh scent compare to other non-scented sensitive skin products, however it’s from natural herbs so it wouldn’t harm the skin. This facial toner is good for refining skin’s surface and helps removes dead skin cells and pore clogging impurities. The texture is very watery so use it with cotton pads – gently sweep over face.


<Clarifying Moisturizer>
As you can see it is lightweight and absorbs very well. It takes care sebum production and smooths skin, maintains skin’s oil & moisture balance.


Both products are formulated without parabens, ethanol, mineral oils & phenoxyethanol as well as artificial fragrance, and lessened skin irritation. As made with 30 years LG cosmetics knowhow it’s very good products even though I have been used short time. This Dr. Belmeur line is for achieving healthy skin by offering key solutions to commom skin problems.

And additionally I have tested a ‘Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream‘ and ‘Daily Repair Foam’ for whom may need some information. This moisturizer has a bit thicker texture than Clarifying Moisturizer and is good for sensitive yet very dry skin, especially if feeling itchiness caused from dryness and helps improve skin conditions such as Atopic eczema.
(proven results in 4 weeks – 42% improved skin hydration, 28% improved skin barrier and clear flaky skin.)


<Both Moisturizer’s Finishing Result>


The Foam Cleanser has a light fresh scent and gel-type texture makes a rich lather. After cleansing my face is very smooth and doesn’t feel tight. It’s formulated without 8 additives – Mineral oil, Paraben, Benzo-phenon & phenoxyethanol etc,. and low pH which is similar to our skins. Overall it is quite gentle & effective and would be good both as a 2nd cleanser or morning cleanser.


As early mentioned this is to introduce, so hope you got some ideas – we will have ‘Daily Repair Line’ travel kit and Ato Salt Cream soon. Keep an eye out for these, and look forward to seeing more product reviews.

..published on 2017. Aug.

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