Hanskin’s Additional Innovative Makeup Products

Hanskin has released a whole new upgraded makeup collection, and couple of items have taken my interest already – ‘Nontouring Gradation Pact‘ is one of them. Since Hanskin has emerged with Celltrion Skincure, they produce more innovative & sophisticated beauty products, as its company new slogan..

I’m not a big fan of contouring as I don’t have good skills – it makes me unnatural-looking even though following beauty expert’s tip on youtube – and also don’t have much time to make a full-on filtered photo face busy morning. However contouring is becoming part of more daily routines, so I tried a Hanskin Nontouring Gradation Pact as sounds easy yet naturally creates subtle definition for my face and here are the details to share with you as well as the contouring tips.

1. Features & Color Comparisons
The content has two sections – Serum Cover Balm for the base (entire face) and Edge Cover Balm for the contouring. The shades are available for #L21(Fair, Pink Base Brightest Color) and #M22 (Nude) which is between the No.21 and 23 shades of other Korean Makeup products. Sounds a bit confusing, so I have compared with similar types of foundation pacts and as it shows to be pretty similar, however Hanskin has slightly lighter shade compared to Age20’s No.23 shade.



2. Packaging
The Pact & Puff size are both bit bigger than other compacts (foundation pacts) as it contains two types of contents, however it doesn’t bother me – easy to grip and the mirror size is perfect for my face^^(Love this big size mirror)



3. Texture
It is a Cream type foundation and applies smoothly on the skin and is lightweight, doesn’t leave sticky feeling at all (just like a cream type foundation). If you wish to create Matte finish, simply apply a translucent powder over the entire face or even just partially.
Also it has a Cooling effect and covers imperfections quite well with ‘buildable coverage’.


Overall I like this new concept of Pact even though it has a limited shade range and wish they made a proper No.23 color rather than 22 colour. Please Note that I have a slightly darker skin tone than other Korean’s – lots of bloggers & reviewers said they loved the shades, especially L21 (Fair) color by No.21 users.


Additionally, I prefer a natural dewy look and this pact’s serum balm(base) texture is creamy it’s easy to blend and if you’re a beginner like me, it’s great to start with.

One more product to introduce, there is a ‘Light Moolbalm Pact‘ which delivers a strobing effect – it’s a cushion type of gentle highlighter/tone-up effect with a white tone. Similar with Sun-cushion but it creates a subtle illumination onto my skin and is easy to carry, so when you fix your makeup in the afternoon (when base makeup slightly disappearing), gently dab on your face. It refreshes the face as if you are applying in the morning (can be used for both before and after makeup).

1. Drawing a “3” shape – starting from hairline to jawline, give more precision under the cheekbones. (You may already had a look in the ‘I’m Meme Multi Stick’ product page. If not, you are just about to see in the Kim Kadashian’s self-contouring video below.)

2. Blend Well!
This Hanskin Nontouring Pact comes with a blending brush (Special Package but it will be in the market for a while, I guess), if you don’t have a proper blending brush, use a regular foundation brush or damp sponge.

3. Add a highlighter to enhance the complexion. Apply at the top of the cheekbones, forehead, down the bridge of the nose along your cupid’s bow.

4. Don’t combine different product textures. For example, your base is matte, then use the powder type of contouring product and likewise you are using cushion, try to use cream or liquid type contouring/highlighting products. It prevents caking results.

Lastly, here is the video you may want to watch, how Kim Kadashian creates her Instagram-ready look – here though not really a Fancy Photo Shoots look, however she is showing contouring really made easy. (I know the products are designed for Kim and maybe practiced a lot for the video^^;; But I really enjoy the her way to contour)

Ready to Contour? Try this Nontouring Gradation Pact which is enjoyable to use. Makeup is supposed to be fun as Korean Makeup Artist ‘Chosungah’ said…. And don’t forget there are lots of options for contouring – ETUDE HOUSE stick contour duo, I’m MEME Multi stick & TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Art By Roding.

Thanks for reading!

..published on 2017 July


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