VDL Expert Metal Cushion Foundation (A205) Review

One of my old-favorite cushion is this VDL Metal Cushion – it has upgraded early this year and the package hasn’t changed much, however VDL has improved their formula for more long-lasting & good coverage.

What I like about this cushion is when you apply to the face it feels like a second-skin, although it doesn’t cover completely all the imperfections, its smoothness, semi-matte finish with natural glow and comfort feeling.. Oh I loved it. ^^;;

The main feature is patented LG Metal Plate™ Technology which designed with a metal plate rather than using spong type base to maintain the coolness & moisture level of the foundation with anti-bacterial benefits. It may hard to control the foundation amount, however it is quite innovative (well I know there are a few more in the other cosmetic brands) and the formula is kept fresh really well to deliver more even & radiant look.

These are the overall features & metal plate design has changed with their logo added to it.



One more specialty about new VDL Expert Metal Cushion is the color range, they released 10 shades from A100 (Extra Light/Highlighter) to V207 (Dark Beige(No.25), Tanned-like healthy skin with yellowbase).
<looking more in depth..>
1. How does look different compare to yellow-toned foundation?
I have never used pink-base foundation(include cushion) before as having yellow(warm) undertone and heard from a beauty consultant that you need to use yellow toned foundation same as my skintone. Well this cusion actually changed my thoughts and solved my curiosity – this pinkbase blends into my skin naturally and brightens overall complexion.


This is the comparison to my other No.23 shade cushions – based in yellow-tone. It doesn’t show significant difference however VDL (A205) is a pink-toned foundation, and I also added the Mac NC20 for the shade comparisons, hope you enjoy it^^)


2. Coverage and Finish(Effect)?

It has light to medium coverage, and makes my face really natural and slightly dewy/radiant. The finishing is semi-matte, not oily or greasy.. however under my nose can get dry the end of the day (my skin type is a dry + breakout partially). Also I have noticed that it softens flakyness on my skin surface and doesn’t oxidize quickly.


One Tip – apply with a brush first then touch up with cushion puff, as it helps create a flawless skin. Also want to add a more radiant look – Apply a VDL Lumilayer Primer before cushion, and you will experience a whole new world^^ (bit exaggerated but I’m sure you will love this cushion^0^)

3. Lastly..

VDL color range is a great and most used of Korean Cosmetics Cushion/Foundation. Colors are No.21 & No.23 so I would like to summarize with these 2 main colors. The color I have tried is an A205 – which is similar No.23 with pink-tone (‘A’ means PINK relatively ‘V’ means YELLOW in VDL color system). If your makeup products blends in best with Koreans No.23 shade, worth to try this VDL cushion otherwise one tonedown to A/V207 is an another solution.

Hope you like this post and below picture is of VDL Perfecting Foundation color swatches. A04 & V04 will be released soon so keep an eye out for it.


Thanks for reading~

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