2017 All New IOPE AIR CUSHION® – Mirror Ball

Yep, new version, new line-up.. I feel like crying a lot as we had 2016 new IOPE cushions in store last year(less than a year) and just released this 2017 All New IOPE Air Cushion – HAVE TO BE GOOD!! — well, pretty much every popular product from Amore Pacific has been renewed (HERA Aquabolic & White Program, HanYul Essential line, Laneige White Plus etc,.) and there are more coming. It’s not good for those who run a business(^^;;), however there should be some reason to make me feel better in having new cushions in store. So what are they like – let’s find out.

As a cushion lover, I couldn’t wait so ordered when they had the pre-launching and waited almost for 3 weeks. Main title is ‘Mirror Ball’ so I can imagine – IOPE Air Cushion could cover every angle of the face like a mirror ball to be beautiful & more radiant. Right? At least I can show some of differences and color comparisons.

1. There is a new line-up: They reduced functional range and have only popular color shades(4colors) available.


— As it is shown, under 2 patent registration/formula with 2 types of finishing result. Haven’t check hydration level on each item but this is the comparison on IOPE official site and I made it in a diagram. I think it’s easy to understand – Ex. Intense Cover looks matte compare to Cover with more coverage.

2. Color comparisons – only compared with what I’ve used (No.23) and other image shows color comparison with MAC Matchmaster (MAC has different color system depends on products and will explain briefly later on this blog) — this comparison actually requested by a lot of people in the other blog (IOPE New Cushion 2016) and I am just responding now. Apologies to all, especially Ana. 27_icon


It doesn’t look like the color has changed, however I can see the slight difference – more natural & dewy(actually ‘shiny’), as well as light texture on the skin when you apply it. MAC Matchmaster cushion foundation also has a great thing about its formula – it has a really light texture, doesn’t feel like wearing makeup. If you have tried a ‘Hanskin Light BB Cushion’ it feels the same, although Hanskin has limited coverage and doesn’t have good long-lasting effect. (It’s totally my experience and the result may differ with weather or skin condition)


(IOPE Natural No.23 is between NC20 pro-longwear and Matchmaster foundation 4.0 which is different number system with Matchmaster cushion foundation.)

3. Interesting factor – 2 types of cushion base(structure)
This feature is quite a standout improvement in the 2017 All New Air Cushion® version as they designed this mechanism to deliver their speciality – different coverage, finishing results on the skin.


<Other Fact>


New puff has more thickness and it quite absorbs the content well without the need to press & wiggle to get the even, proper amount.

*And this is how to use a cushion applicator, which I have just learnt – I know it may be news but it’s a bit different. You will see the coverage is up and with more even application.

(Gently press and turn to take content out and put it on from left to the right as if stamping, and use less on the forehead & around the nose area (as the skin is thinner on these areas and absorbs only a small amount). Spraying ‘fix mist’ on the applicator will give a better and longer-lasting effect.

Okay Move On!

4. The Case – only ‘Natural & Cover‘ case reflects light, it shines and has subtle luminosity on the case, looks like reflecting a rainbow. The other 2 formulas which are ‘Intense Cover’ & ‘Matte Longwear‘ haven’t changed the design(please check the first diagram), however they said the powder formula is upgraded – ‘Meso-porous silica composite powder’ -which covers up blemishes and red spots on skin to make it clear and smooth.

Yes, it is pretty and the happiest thing is – “They are all compatible with 2016 New IOPE Cushion” Yeah~!!
If you have the 2016 “old” case, it’s a benefit – unless you want the ‘mirrorball prism holo case’

*Anything have I missed? well, conclusion:^^;;
1. Formula & Functionality:
The 2016 IOPE’s formula is Bio-Water™ to provide deep hydration to the skin, and this 2017 new cushion has an upgrade formula – they added ‘Trehalos’ ingredients to prevent moisture loss. And also 3D Prism Pearl Powder makes skin more radiant & shiny.

2. The applicator:
Optimized the design for delivering better result in each products.

3. Texture & Finish:
It feels like a lighter texture (brilliant cooling effect always) than previous version, and coverage looks similar. This formula I’ve tried (Natural), which has good adherence and it’s good for dry to normal, possibly combination skin, and the cooler weather in Australia now – cool but not sticky, just hot day time.
Also it creates dewy, moisturized look and isn’t sticky at all.


I agree that it has good improvements. We will have all options in IOPE New Cushion(Mirror Ball) soon with some discount price which our supplier offer (don’t know when it will be finished) so please keep an eye on this.

Thanks for reading, and this is the comparison with MAC Cushion Foundation. Matchmaster 1.0 is the brightest shade and I think it would be similar to IOPE Natural No.23 – I bought for 1.5 shade which is the color the makeup artist recommended (I should go for shade 1.0 to compare ^^;;)- it gives a natural finish on my yellow-base under tone, and this cushion has a matte finish.


(..published on 2017 April. 20)


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