All About The ‘7 Skin Method’

As this beauty treatment getting popular I couldn’t ignore it, so yes! I have tested and added some tips here – actually the information is flooding the web so I tried to summarize and give you simple, key points. Hope you enjoy this.

1. Definition:
‘7 Skin Method’ is a multi-application(layering) toner technique that maximizes skin hydration. As you may have heard, Koreans call toner a skin (sometimes skin softener ) – likewise the emulsion/moisturizer is the lotion – it’s the concept of how to apply the toner.
This method can be customized, depends on skin types and when applied, but basically apply the same toner or lightweight, watery essence, (upto) 7 times to cleansed face before a moisturizer. Imagine making a pastry – multiple thin layer finally gets a firm base.

2. What’s it for:
The goal is to quench skin with deep hydration as if exposing skin to moisture for long (in this multiple step), then it helps relieve dryness and increase skin’s moisture retention to become a healthier skin.

3. How to:
(1) Traditionally, pour a proper amount of toner onto a cotton pad and wipe over entire face & neck. (Refining skin surface allows absorption of more nutrition – in this case, hydrating ingredients)
(2) While your skin is still slightly damp, pour the small amount of toner into your palm and pat it onto the skin with finger tips, continuing with this up to 7 times. Allow couple of minutes in between each step – it may not be necessary, however some skin specialists say a long enough time will change the result.


4. When:
Actually there are a few options. Some people use this in the morning for makeup-ready. After this treatment, your skin’s surface is visibly smooth & hydrated so you can skip the heavy moisturizer step, or reduce this method as a 3~5 times layering in the busy morning.

At night, a more relaxing time, and the skin gets to absorb more active ingredients while sleeping, so after the seventh layer, use your daily serums/moisturizers. Just like using a mask sheet, or a proper facial treatment in the clinic, they always finish with moisturizing.

There is no a rule in how often, some do 3~4 times per week, so try to find out the best number of layering which suits your life style patterns.

5. Types of Toner:
Any toners you’re using in your daily skincare routine is good. Try to avoid toners containing alcohol, cleansing properties or rich essence types, as they will dry out the skin or potentially cause skin irritation & breakouts if over-layered.

<For Dry to Normal skin types>
—> A watery-essence type, or viscous formula such as Hanyul Rice Essential Toner or Dr. Jart Ceramide Toner (both quite a rich texture – requires less layering though). If you don’t have enough time, blend with serum with 3~5 times layering.

<For Combination to Oily & Sensitive Skin types>
—> Use a gentle refining, soothing toner with mild formula and recommend to use 2~3 times layering.

*Products recommendation:

IsnTree Hyaluronic Acid Toner, ISOI Deeply Moisturizing Tonic Essence, ETUDE HOUSE SoonJung Toner, Sidmool Green Tea Skin etc, these are all free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances and phenoxethanol. (Manmonde Rose Water contains Phenoxyethanol and Fragrance, however most popular toner by bloggers)

I have found this diagram in Acmer blog site – it shows the 7 skin Method. Their articles are supported by many others so please find it posted here with some added graphics.

< 7 Skin Method>


<Ideal Layering Numbers>


6. Test & Result:
I have dry skin(except T-zone, sometimes break-out pops) and have tried ‘Primera Organience Toner‘ which is gentle – bit watery texture and this is the quick result.


As the device shows, my skin’s hydration level started at 23.1%(dry) and it goes up to 40.6% after this 7skin method. The last picture of the next morning, it still shows a good condition 36%.
—>You may experience that your skin absorbs toner quite fast when you try this treatment for the first time. Don’t worry, a lot has happened to the skin, especially for dry types. If you consistently use this routine, your skin will retain more hydration within, so your skin gets plumped and bouncy with long-lasting hydration.

7. Warnings & Tips:
(1) Dry Skin Types – Finish with facial oils or oil-based moisturizer as hydration can evaporate rather than absorbing.
(2) Sensitive Skin – Epidermis is weak so do not use excessive rubbing or dabbing.
(3) Put on wide-sized cotton pads soaked in toner onto your cheek or driest area while you’re in bathroom, such as when drying hair. It could be a SOS special quick treatment for makeup-ready skin.
(4) Check with daily skin condition – weather and internal/external factors may change your skin types.

* Some ideas are quoted from ALLETS blog article.

..published on 2017 May


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