2020 Beauty Keyword (M.A.S.K)

Due to COVID-19, lots of changes in the beauty industry and beauty trends have emerged, especially to self-care, minimal skincare and mask makeup, which reduced in color makeup and also meaning of smudge-free makeup.The restriction of going to spas and salons increased online shopping for cosmetics & exercising equipment, and significantly increased purchasing of soothing, […]

HERA Glow Lasting Cushion Review

One of the best-selling cushion foundations in Korea is the ‘HERA Black Cushion’ which has lightweight, medium to high coverage with long-lasting effect and delivers semi-matte finish.I have enjoyed this ‘Black Cushion‘ more than ‘HERA Mist Cushion‘ even though a slightly lighter shade than Mist Cushion, resulting sometimes in a hard to blend visible line […]

♫ Heize(헤이즈) – You’re Cold | It’s Okay To Not Be Okay ♫

Korean Lyrics.. 네 목소리가 들리면 그땐, 내 숨소리가 가빠져 그래꽤나 오랜시간을 나조차도 모르게, 너는 날 물들여 갔나봐 어느새부터일까, 나의 시간은 너를 따라 다녔고아직오지도 않은, 너 없는 날이 벌써부터 겁이나거짓말같이 너에게 다정해지는 나를 보며넌 뭐가있는걸까? 왜자꾸 나는 너를 따라 변할까 You take my breath away, my everything더 많이 많이 사랑한 쪽이 더 아프대 널 많이 많이 […]