What is the Cushion Foundation?


Quite literally, it’s a lightweight SPF foundation soaked into a sponge cushion, within a compact. The cushion keeps the formula moist so that you get the dewy benefits of using a liquid foundation, combined with the convenience of a portable compact format. The cushion also releases an appropriate dose of foundation onto the sponge, allowing for even coverage. Most cushion compacts are multi-taskers with high SPFs and a host of skincare ingredients.

How to use a Cushion Compact?
We can summarize this in 3 words, hydrate, build and pat.
The beauty of the Cushion Compact is that a fine layer of foundation is picked up, similar to the technique of a make up artist and the utilizing the puff applicator will help evenly ‘stamp’ this formula all over the face. In short, a fail-proof way to apply makeup that looks natural, non-cakey and flawless.

In order to have the right canvas for the Cushion Compact to go on evenly, skin should be very hydrated. And as any good makeup artist would , we recommend that you gradually build coverage which is exactly what the compact and applicator is designed to do. And finally ? take your time to fully pat everything in. This is similar to the buffing part of applying foundation but the patting motion ensures that your look stays dewy and non-matte.(Quote from Glowrecipe Blog)

*Cushion Foundation Reviews – in early days^^;;

Cushion foundations are great for on the go, and are extremely convenient, very easy to use and great for touch ups. I found that once addicted to cushions it is difficult to go back to other matte & powdery products because nothing else creates a similar type of dewy + glowing effect.

This video will show how cushion foundation is supposed to be used. It’s really easy and her(Pony) techniques are so simple.

(..published on July 2015)

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