My First Sulwhasoo – Sulwhasoo Rebloom

Korea’s representative beauty brand, actually 2 big brands recently have been rebranded: a global luxury skincare brand ‘Sulwhasoo’ and ‘Innisfree’ the K-beauty brand that uses the finest ingredients from Korea’s pristine Jeju Island.

These 2 subsidiary brands of Amorepacific, have big changes on their BI (brand identity) and packaging as well as the formula on their each signature product.

💫Logo change

Looks simple yet vibrant and delivers their true brand-concept color. Little curiosity about the Innisfree logo though, mix-matching small letters and capital letter makes me a bit distracted, and also INN-IS-FREE? (FREE is too much of a standout) I think they want to emphasize ‘FREE’ from harmful ingredients or freedom from restriction? 😅(No offence to Graphic Designer – I know how hard-working job is…😥)

👉 Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum VI (ugrade version)
: The first step serum that balances skin condition after cleansing and helps hydrate, nourish and firm while boosting the absorption of following skincare products. It is meant to be used after cleansing morning and night to address dryness (skin’s First Stress), dullness and signs of aging.

💫What has been upgraded?

1. The Formula

(1) Exclusive ginseng technology Lymphanax™ which is carrying more wondrous power after 500 hours of natural ripening, boosts core ingredients of First Care Activating Serum, and activates profound vitality of skin

(2) Core ingredient with powers of ginseng Sulwhasoo Master Complex™ helps restore damaged skin barrier and defend 10 signs of skin aging
(skin turnover, moisture content, skin barrier, wrinkles, lifting, pores, radiance, clarity, skin texture, firmness improve in 4 weeks)

👉Sulwahsoo First Care Activating Serum (previous version)
JAUM Activator™, Sulwhasoo’s anti-aging golden ratio formula, make your skin look healthier and awake natural radiance from deep within, caring the skin’s most essential element, vital to fight against signs of aging.

Core IngredientJAUM Activator™Sulwhasoo Master Complex™
Functional productWinkle-improvementWrinkle-improvement and support whitening effect with 3-O-Ethyl ascorbic Acid
(warning ingredient)
PEGs (PEG-60 Hydrogenated Caster Oil & Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane),
PEG (Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane),

(*3-O-Ethyl ascorbic Acid: a modified and more stable version of pure vitamin C that offers all of the primary benefits vitamin C)

(3) Fragrance
Although both contain artificial fragrance, however VI (2023) version uses a 100% plant-derived oil. It’s a more subtle, herbal scent that delivers harmony and balance.
(Sulwhasoo infuses traditional perfuming techniques and captures natural aromas at the beautiful Biwon Garden full of flowers and butterflies lured in by the mysterious floral scents to give your mind and soul a chance to find tranquillity)

(4) Fast Absorption (Texture)
The skin-friendly unique texture instantly absorbs and restores the skin condition quickly. The new version has a lighter texture and absorbs faster than previous one.

2. Sustainable Future (Packaging)

  • Containers made with reduced glass weight, recycled plastic caps and FSC certified paper
  • The bottle design itself, minimalized yet exudes a sense of nobility. Wish there is some Hangul (Korean Language) printed somewhere or lightly engraved on the outer box or product’s cap , however I like a small signature ‘Sul-Wha-Soo’ Chinese character (雪花秀) with logo on the backside – it remained the same design from the previous limited edition.

💫Proven Results

I can already see some visible improvement on the 2nd day – pore seems tighter and skin texture is much smoother and also moist level has increased.


Sul-Wha-Soo [snow- flower- in full bloom] Rebloom campaign started last year aimed to introduce the reinterpreted brand identity and commitment to carrying on the journey of beauty to existing and new customers, and expand the customer target, age range from 20 ~ 50+. Also, K-pop artist ROSÉ from BLACKPINK and Hollywood star Tilda Swinton joined as Sulwhasoo brand’s global ambassador so there will be huge positive impact on this process, rebranding and campaign.
I also love not only this reformulation of First Care Activating Serum VI but other Ginseng-based skincare products from Sulwahsoo so I look forward to seeing the innovation of Sulwhasoo products more and spreading beyond the level of Korean beauty & culture.

👑 My First Sulwhasoo

This Launching special edition comes with First Care Activating Serum VI (90ml), White Ginseng Radiance Refining Mask (35ml) and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (5ml), so hope you guys do not miss it.

Thanks for reading~


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