2018 ‘Get It Beauty’ Winners – Eye Creams

First of all thanks to all for showing your interest^^

Every week ‘Get It Beauty Show’ has announced category winners and it’s kind refreshing to think about choosing the right product for my daily skincare routine even though I have my favorites. Every skin is different and new products are  constantly releasing so it’s hard to try them all, however at least we can think about what would be a  healthy, enjoyable beauty life.

In this post I have summarized the ‘Best Anti-aging Duo’ which is Serum & Eye Creams. As both are functional products, Get It Beauty Show tested for 4 weeks for skin improvement and the results are  shown later in the post.

*What do we do need to know about functional products?

Interestingly, ‘Functional Cosmetics’ terms such as ‘Whitening, Wrinkle-improvement’ only exist in Korea, and overseas products contain (added to) the active ingredients such as Niacinamide, Adenosine, Collagen etc,. in their formula to approve the Functional Product Mark in Korea (may changed these days however South Korea takes into consideration the existence and growing development of anti-aging products, as well as the Cosmetics Law to  provide a definition of functional cosmetics.)

*What’s different using anti-wrinkle face cream for eyecare?

Face cream (moisturizers) also  have wrinkle-improvement function, however eye creams are formulated without Ethanol, Silicon, Fragrance etc, which can cause eye irritation. (well supposed to be..)

*What ingredients we need to focus on with anti-wrinkle cosmetics?

Get It Beauty Show mentioned two main ingredients – Adenosine & Retinol.
It’s known to play a crucial role in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and also fight against and reduce the damage caused by UV sunrays. Can be used at morning & night.
Sometimes referred to as vitamin A, it’s a skin-restoring, wrinkle-smoothing, firming ingredient. It enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, and helps reduce the signs of skin aging caused by exposure to sunlight.
Recommended to use at night as it sensitive to sun light, temperature, oxygen.


These are safe, good eye creams selected and filtered by Beau-La-Bel ‘Body Burden’ rules.


The Final (Beau-La-Bel) Winner is:

This winning product improved wrinkles over 24.38% and compared to other brands, it is quite remarkable.

*What more is needed?

The skin around your eyes is so thin and with only 1~5% of sebaceous gland being in the eye zone, the area easily becomes dry which causes aging sooner than other areas of your body. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles around eye, moisturzing well and avoid extreme face expression would be helpful, as well as using an eye cream is age over mid 20’s.

According to dermatologists, recommended amount for one time is a small pea-sized amount(Koreans compare to red bean size) as picture show and if over use it can cause Milium(also called a milk spot) which is  usually found around the eyes (under the epidermis).


Well, you can find some Good Eye Creams in this list – currently we have now, and we have a tag – whitening, anti-wrinkle – on each product page which approved as a functional product, so you can check if you’re looking for those functional products.
<In store Now..>
• AHC The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face 
• Manyo Factory 4GF Eye Cream For Face 
• Swanicoco Biologia Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream
• Sidmool Min Jung Gi E.F.I Eye Cream

Plus.. These are the winners and in order of improvement percentage.
<Get It Beauty (Beau-La-Bel) TOP 5 Eye Cream(s)>
1. Swanicoco Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream
2. Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream
3. Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream
4. CNP Rx Skin Revive Vita-A Contour Eye Cream
5. Benton Fermentation Eye Cream

(*Reminder: Other brands cosmetics also have FDA approval for both safety and effectiveness before they go on the market.)

Thanks for reading and shortly post about Best Anti-wrinkle Serum.

(..published on Apr. 09)

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