Inner Beauty Supplements For Skin (Part II)

As Mask Rules from Covid-19 ease in Korea, consumers are getting into ‘beyond skincare’ to improve their skin condition, taking helpful ingredients such as vitamins, collagen, biotin etc. Undoubtedly, probiotics supplements demand have become increasingly popular during Covid-19 to improve immunity and now people are seeking more potential healthy ingredients not only for skin but general wellness so I have listed some popular products in Korea.

1. Collagen

Collagen supplements are among the most popular supplements and have shown some evidence that may help improve skin hydration, elasticity and reduce wrinkles.


  • BB LAB Small Molecule Fish Collagen
    – Small Molecule (1,000 Da) Fish Collagen (1,200mg), Take 1 stick before going to bed.
  • BB LAB The Elastin
    – Small Molecule Fish Collagen (500mg/500 Da.) + Vitamin C (30mg) & Elastin (100mg). Take with BB Lab Fish Collagen for synergetic effect.
(all contain Fish Collagen 1,200mg)
  • CJ InnerB Collactive Collagen (upgrade version)
    – Collagen(94%) + Elastin(6%) combination formula. Patent Collactive Collagen & Fish Collagen (2,000mg) 285 Da. (low number means easy to pass through the skin) 3 tablets per day & any time

*InnerB Collactive Collagen and Intense Collagen are same product, just different name & package, however Collactive Collagen need to take 3 tablets and Intense Collagen need 2 tablets 2 times a day – it seems Collactive one released at a later date

  • Vital Beautie Super Collagen Essence (2022 renewal version)
    – Patent AP Collagen Peptide (1,000mg, 285.3 Da). Take 1 bottle (25ml) daily before going to bed or at the last step of the evening skincare routine.

cf. Its functionality approved in improving skin conditions for the first time in Korea by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2020. There is also Super Collagen Essence Biotin (contains Biotin (10 times higher (1,500 μg) than Collagen Essence), Super Collagen Gold and Super Collagen Platinum – last 2 products sold only in AP mall exclusively.

2. Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramide

Hyaluronic Acid supplements help increase skin moisture and improve the appearance of skin plumpness and firmness. Ceramide supplements help support skin barrier function to prevent dryness and irritation.


  • PHYTONUTRI Hyalaskin
    – Hyaluronic Acid (120mg/ 2 capsules) + Vitamin A combination formula, Shieldcaps technology allows safe delivery/absorption. Take one capsule at a time, two times a day.
  • CJ InnerB Revital Ceramide (upgrade version)
    – Contains Glucosylceramide derived from Rice Bran (1.2mg). Take 2 tablets per day.
  • Dr. Lean Ceratiq Ceramide
    – Glucosylceramide (7.43mg – highest content) and No Chemical System. Take 1 tablet daily.
  • Cubeme Waterbank Cube
    – Hyaluronic Acid (120mg/3 tablets), chewable and compact size available to carry on.

3. Glutathione

Powerful antioxidant that helps improve your overall complexion, can reduce dark spots and improve elasticity. Proven results show that it reduces cell damage (improves liver disease) and reduces oxidative stress. Recommend for film (Orally Disintegrating Film) or injection type as the tablets are digested not absorbed.
(*Glutathione is made up of three amino acids—cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine)


  • BB LAB Glutathione C
    – Contains Fish Collagen (100mg), Glutathione Enzyme 1,200mg (2.5%) & Vitamin C (100mg). Take 1~2 stick per day.

cf. BB LAB Glutathione White – Fish Collagen 1,200mg, Glutathione 200mg (2.5%) & Vt. C (30mg) per stick

  • Esther Formula Glutathione Direct 3X (upgrade version, film type)
    – Glutathione 52.13%. Attach to your upper mouth to slowly dissolve (Take 1~2 daily)

4. Biotin

Known as vitamin B-7. Helps promote healthy hair, skin and nail, and is good for pregnant women.


  • Ever Collagen Time Biotin Cell (upgrade version)
    – Small molecule Fish Collagen (1,000mg/ 285 Da) + Biotin (1,200 μg)
    cf. There are few Biotin-only products so recommend for collagen supplements, containing biotin.

5. Probiotics

Generally promote gut health, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and also can support acne.


  • Lacto-Fit Probiotics Gold
    – 1 billion probiotics/CFU (colony-forming units) per stick. Easy to take and affordable price
  • Denps Denmark Probiotics Story
    – 10 billion CFU, made with Denmark CHR. HANSEN probiotics. Capsule type
  • DUOLAC Probiotics Gold
    – patented formula with 100% Korean probiotics. both formula available for powder and capsule, also famous for Kids probiotics (10 billion CFU)
  • Cellonix Cell TI Gold
    – 1 billion CFU per capsule, made with Dupont-DANISCO probiotics. Alu-Alu pack blister packaging and refrigerated probiotics (cannot purchase overseas)

6. Probiotics for Women


  • BB LAB Probiotics W
    – 5 billion CFU with patent probiotics
  • New Origin Inner Flora
    – 1 billion CFU, formula made with UREX (Chr. Hansen) probiotics and affordable price
  • Master Biom Gino Master Women’s Probiotics
    – 5 billion CFU, made with RESPECTA (Danisco) probiotics. Approved functional product from KFDS (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and also good for gut health

Before purchasing any probiotics supplements, consider the product that is made in trustworthy brand (👇) and the formula can be deliver live bacteria directly to the gut and most of all, you need to check your gut health condition.

cf. Global probiotics leading companies: Chr. Hansen Holding A/S (Chr. Hansen), DuPont Nutrition & Health (Danisco), Institute Rosell-Lallemand Inc. (Lallemand) etc


Studies show that (even though small evidence), Inner Beauty supplements may help improve skin conditions like hydration level, elasticity and dullness, and it should be followed with healthy diet and exercise for the best results. I also do believe that these types of supplements may support and maintain skin health, and above listed products contain blends of other daily essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and selenium which cannot be obtained from food so they are beneficial when taken alongside other healthy food & nutrients.
Especially like me, a ‘poor cook😂’ and eating lots of instant food – have deficiencies or insufficiencies in certain nutrients and get aged, better take some products depending on my skin needs.
These are my current items on the shelf, and I think feel & look better than before.

AmorePacific just started a Inner Beauty curating service ‘My Vital Beautie’ which helps to guide what products need based on people’s eating habits, health conditions and lifestyle so hope there more services are available for tailored prescription👌 to choose and consume the right supplements.

🔎One thing to check
When you purchase supplements, check the main ingredients percentage, brand value and/or this mark that shows approved by Ministry of Food & Drug Safety in Korea, and also may described as ‘No Chemical System’

  1. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  2. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
  3. 건강기능식품 (Functionality Approved)

Thanks for reading – unintentionally become a long post 🤤



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