Laneige Neo Cushion Matte Quick Review

Hi guys😄 Before posting ‘Korean New Vitamin C Serums’, have decided to post ‘Laneige Neo Cuhion Matte’ review first. It’s not long, simply giving guide lines of color choice as the official website doesn’t clearly explain 😅. As you probably know Laneige BB Cushions coloring is one tone lighter than any other brands’ standard (well used to be), so I have compared BB Cushion and this new Neo Cushion.

*Product Description

A lightweight, high coverage cushion foundation that creates unified and flawless complexion in one single layer. It offers resistance against heat and humidity, and also provides long-lasting wear up to 24 hrs.

  • Ultra lightweight formula, 2 times lighter than Laneige’s Pore Control BB Cushion helps conceal imperfections and pores for a delicate, smoother, matte finish
  • Provides protection with SPF42/PA++ that filters UV rays from natural light and blue light emitted by digital screens


This new cushion has a borderless case design which is really comfortable in hands, and one-touch spinning changeable system allows easy replacement with a new refill.

Personally love these pastel Mint & Baby Pink (Glow) colors. However back of cushion case, there isn’t a shade number so if you have more than one product, better write down with marker or decorate with cute sticker^^;;

*Matte VS Glow

The Laneige Neo Cushion series are available in both matte and glow, dewy-looking finishes. Here is basic comparison for both:

*Color Comparison

According to Laneige’s website, this shade reference is based on the company’s objective data analysis – it probably covers various skin tones, however my opinion is a bit different. I will probably say, go to your foundation color (Korean Foundation shades are not wide enough like other western ones, however it will match – Foundation shade with N(Netural)/C(Cool)/W(Warm tone). I’m using No.23N (netural) shade for most makeup products, and this 23N perfectly suits me.

(New Neo Cushion shade is similar as other standard brands’ shade)

📌Color Comparisons (Update) .. from Laneige official site

*Other Feature

I tested on my mask (3D shape) and it didn’t come off, however little bit came off on my phone screen – after 2 hours of wearing. No doubt that Laneige cushion formula won’t end up all over your phone screen nor mask.

*Cushion Puff

Each design contains different material cushion puff to deliver its best results. For example, Neo cushion Matte puff has Micro-cutting puff with needle sized holes to ensure a thin, even layer with matte finish. A Glow cushion puff has 40 air-holes for holding moisture and delivering to the skin.


It is more than a satisfying product, especially weightless formula with high coverage – single touch covers most of the area and easy to apply to facial contours. Matte finish but a very comfortable feeling is also great on my dry, combination skin.

Color choice may be difficult, however you will enjoy this Laneige Neo Cushion. If you have already tried this Neo Cushion, please share your advice here. (You can purchase Pact Only here)

Thanks for reading~


6 thoughts on “Laneige Neo Cushion Matte Quick Review

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  1. Hello!! i’m using missha magic cushion cover lasting n23, would it be similar to 23n in the laneige neo one? thank you very much for your help!


    1. Apologies for the late reply😖. Only tried Missha Glow Tension(No.23) which has various shade options – No.22 is bit bright and No.25 is too rich yellow tone, making little bit dull rather than bright, radiant^^;; so I assume Laneige Neo No.23 will suit you.

      Will post about Missha The Cushion Matte (new released) soon, and hope you get some ideas about MISSHA Cushion. Thanks!


  2. Hello! Thank you so much for the review 🙂 May I ask if you know how the shades compare to the Etude House Double Lasting Cushion Glow?


    1. Hi there~ I have used ‘Etude House Any Cushion’ which has slightly different shade options, and Beige color is No.22~23 and Sand is more tone down No.23 – Laneige Neo Cushion 23N is between Beige & Sand.

      Etude Lasting Cushion Glow shades seem to standard which would match Laneige color system – N21 Neutral Beige=21N, N19 Neutral Vanilla=17N(No.17~19)

      Any further questions if have please let me know. Thanks~


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